GPS-based treasure hunting

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My existing geocaches (9)

Treasure Island N4807.400' E01729.186'
Hidden 5/8/2004, Traditional cache hidden at a river island near Bratislava.
Midsummer Day (SK) N4810.500' E01658.700'
Hidden 6/20/2004, mystery cache hidden near the Devin castle and the junction of Danube and Morava rivers
Crypto Student (SK) N4809.511' E01704.024'
Hidden 4/2/2005, Mystery cryptographic cache in Bratislava
Danube Crocodile Farm (SK) N4808.470' E01704.193'
Hidden 24/7/2005, Thematic cache near the city

My Travel Bugs (1)

Pirate's Gold
I want to sail the seven seas! I want to cruise in your boat, to sail in your ship, to paddle in your canoe or just to sway on inflatable mattress with your girl-friend. Finally, I want to return to my home cache: the Treasure Island at river Danube
This travel bug waits to be released in the wild, if I find suitable cache.