I work as software architect for Evolveum.


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Profesional interests

Software Architecture
Software architecture are simple and complex at the same time. It is a challenge to design a complex system in an efficient way that it will bring a continuous value to owners. As an architect, I practice a pragmatic approach that is slithly different from the mainstream approaches.
Distributed systems (Web services, REST, J2EE, CORBA, ...)
I see a perspective in building distributed Internet-scale systems. My concern is on distributed services and systems, but even the Internet/intranet applications are interesting. Sometimes.
Digital Identity
The technologies that surround the "identity" are a vital part of the architecture both in enterprise and on the Internet. I see "indentity" as part of the overall architecture, not just as a stand-alone component as many people see it.
LDAP Directory Services
To support the Identity and network infrastructure. Especially Sun Java System Directory Server and OpenLDAP.
Java is the tool to get to the other interests.
One of the most beautiful and creative language I have ever seen. Too bad it has lost its touch with new technologies.
I've used to be a Perl monk.