Sukošan - Trogir (2004)

26th June - 3th July 2004
Slow and peaceful cruise from Marina Dalmacija in Sukosan to Trogir and then back through the Kornati islands. It was my first cruise as a skipper and it was an really pleasant experience. The weather was warm and the wind was weak (as expected) so we made no haste and enjoyed the sea ...
Day -2
Skradiski Buk (Skradin Rapids). Part of national park Slapovi Krke (Krka Waterfalls). We had made a trip to this beautiful place before we boarded the ship. The Krka national park is really beatiful and more than worth a visit. We managed to see only a part of it in one day.
Day 0
Marina Dalmacija, Sukosan. Boarding the Oceanis Clipper 423 that proudly bears the name Brava.
Day 1
Heading north along Ugljan island. Anchoring in the bay of Pavlešina at noon. After lunch and some swimming heading back to Sukošan to pick up Káčatko & Zizi.
Day 2
Heading south through Pašmanski Kanal and among islands further southwards. Anchoring in the peaceful bay of Potkučina (Kakan island) in the afternoon. We stay in the safety of the bay for the night. After dusk we see lightnings in the sky far above the coast.
Day 3
In the morning the sky was overcast and we saw lightning above the north-western sea. We quickly weighed anchor and turned southward. With good portside wind we sailed around Rt. Ploča.
After short lunch break in Stari Trogir bay, we headed for Trogir marina. We spent evening and night in this beautiful town.
Day 4
In the morning we turned the bow back nortward. We headed back around Rt. Ploča, sailed nearby the nice town of Primošten and made a luch break in the Grebaštica bay.
In the afternoon we sailed on, left behind fort of St. Nicola, that guards the entrance to Šibenik and headed for Vodice. We entered the Vodice marina and a while later we enjoyed the drink at a bar near the coast.
Day 5
In the morning we left Vodice and headed for Kornati national park. As we got there, we droped anchor by the Smokvica Vela island. We stayed there for a lunch. In the afternoon we continued a slow cruise among beautiful Kornati islands.
Later on we entered the bay of Mir and stayed there on an anchoring buoy. We went ashore to see the salt lake of Mir and the cliffs. We spend our last night on the sea in that peaceful bay.
Day 6
Next day we left the Kornati through Vela Proversa, sailed by the island of Žut to the southern end of Pašman island. There we made a lunch by the small island of Gangaro. Then we slowly sailed downwind through the canal back to our home harbour.
The Crew
My brave crew on our fine ship after arrival to our home marina.
(Nite is on the other side of camera, if you happen to be looking for him)