Sukošan - Tučepi - Hvar (2005)

28th May - 4th June 2005
The cruise around Brač and Hvar islands. It was sometimes slow and peaceful, but we got some wind also. The weather was nice and sea was a bit cold ...
Day -1
Plitvička Jezera. Beautiful national park in the Croatian mainland. Thousands of shiny lakes, some tiny some large. And a lots of great waterfalls. We had made a trip there a day before we boarded the ship.
Day 0
Marina Dalmacija, Sukošan. Boarding the Oceanis Clipper 423 named Valdeker. After the dinner at restaurant Joso we planned and discussed the cruise over several rounds of Pelinkovac drink.
Day 1
Heading south through Pašmanski Kanal and then further among islands. The wind is too weak, so we are running the diesel. We cathed the mooring buoy in uvala Potkučina in the early afternoon. The original plan was to get to Primošten or Rogoznica. But the wind was so weak, that we rather staid in Potkučina for the night. There was a beautiful sunset that evening.
Day 2
As we left the islands behind, the wind began to rise a bit. After a while the sails were full of wind and beating against it. We were passing by Rt Ploča at mid-day and we anchored in Stari Trogir bay for a late lunch.
We continued the cruise to Trogir. When we were safely in the Trogir marina, we went for excelent dinner to the great restaurant "Karmelengo".
Day 3
The morning was bright and clear, but as soon as we got out of the Trogir bay, the situation was all different. There was heavy haze on the sea and no wind at all. We slowly headed east, along the coast.
We droped anchor at Luka bay at Brač island, had we a lunch and a bit of swimming in the cold water. Afternoon the weak wind rose and we could set sail and slowly proceed towards the coast. We contined along the coast, beautiful Dináre mountains raising high on our portside. We entered the Tučepi marina. The scenery was great, but the marina seemed a bit undermaintained. We had a great (really GREAT) dinner at restaurant "Ranch" in the olive groove above Tučepi village.
Day 4
We headed back west in the morning. The wind was weak at first, but when we get between the Brač and Hvar islands, the wind grew stronger. We had to reef the sails and cautiously proceeded further. The see was calm, fortunately and the wind got weaker again in the afternoon. We got to Luka Palmižana early, so we had plenty of time to go to Hvar for a lunch.
Day 5
The morning was nice and clean. We got out early, as there was a long way to sail. We caught good wind as we headed north-westward. We have to beat several times, but we proceeded fast and we were near Rt Ploča in early afternoon. We continued futher towards Tribunj. We got there later in the evening and the reconstructed marina was great. Very comfortable.
Day 6
We had plenty of time last day and not much miles to go. We made a slow, lazy progress towards our home port. We stopped in Murter area for a lunch, nearby a small island Arta Mala. Afternoon we proceeded through the Pašmanski kanal back to the Sukošan marina.
The Crew
My brave crew on our fine ship after arrival to our home marina.